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Benjamin Young

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I hate computers. That's why I'm president of a web design and information management company. I have this crazy idea that just maybe I can fix all the things that annoy me in the world of computers. I figure if it bothers me, it must bother at least one other person somewhere. Granted, it's not your average superhero's goal, but I figure if I can help people overcome the frustrations of technology, then it's a job well done.

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Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett

I wish to create websites that do not infuriate users or myself, and in the name of Voltron I vow to use all my powers combined to accomplish that goal. Having gained experience with a myriad of open source tools and toys, I have constructed or contributed to a virtual bevy of web applications, some of which might actually be called useful. In addition to the various custom sites we create, I manage to hack away on BlueInk, our elegant CMS that is sure to make you joyously proclaim "Huzzah!"

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