BlueInk CMS Screenshots

BlueInk's Simple Interface

BlueInk is thinner than most Content Management Systems. See that little blue bar at the top of the screenshot? That's BlueInk. From that bar you have access to your web sites page tree, the current page options, and your list of content items. The bar stays with you while you're logged in, so you can get to what you need quickly and easily.

BlueInk CMS interface

All Your Content In One Place

Under the content menu, you can select from an array of content types. After selecting a type from the list you'll find all the content of that type available for your site. You can then select the one you need and then delete it, edit it, or add it to the current page. After you've added it, you can drag-and-drop it into the place of your choice.

Selecting content to delete, edit, or add to page

Drag-and-Drop Content

We're not kidding. In BlueInk, you view your web site while you edit it. To move content between columns, just drag it to it's new location on the page. It's really that simple.

drag and drop content around your web site

Like what you've seen?

If you like the screenshots, check out the demo or just grab your own BlueInk site.

Client Area Login

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