Re-springing Sprung

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I started building Sprung shortly after the fall of Springpad. Springpad was as close as I'd found to designs I'd sketched for a similar note taking system back in 2012. However, it's demise only continued to confirm that the cloud-model and subscription-based services are destined exclusively on the choices of their companies--and not on the desires of the users who, in this role are renters, not owners.

Thankfully, Springpad offered several migration options and a raw export. I used the near loss of my Springpad data as a motivator to get some code written. The results of which is Sprung.

Last night, inspired by a chat with an event more entrepreneurial friend of mine, I again dove back into the Sprung code and did some initial house cleaning, refactoring, and thinking about what's next for it's future.

The short term goals include:

  • extracting re-usable Vue.js components
  • upgrading to Vue.js 1.x (it's currently 0.11.x)
  • upgrading PouchDB to the latest and greatest
  • making it simpler to setup and use for others

Sprung and BlueInk also share some strong similarities (as the same brain wrote them both) and a longer term goal is to merge Sprung into BlueInk and give BlueInk the a Sprung-like notebook site theme, page item drag and drop, etc.

In the end, my hope is to build a space to think. Long road ahead, so thank you (perhaps in advance) for your support!