BigBlueHat is the online persona of Benjamin Young. It was previously my web design and development firm of 7+ years. These days it serves as a container for my ideas, collaborations, and projects.

Call Exactly, Inc.

In 2010, BigBlueHat (the company) joined forces with a long time partner, Exact Solutions, Inc. We created Exactly, Inc. to manage BlueInk development and hosting and BigBlueHat's past custom web development and general hosting work. If you're looking for custom web development or the fabulous BlueInk CMS, check out the Exactly, Inc. site.

Social List

BigBlueHat is on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Steam, about.meLanyard, Mozillians, Calendar About Nothing, Coderwall, Geeklist, WorkForPie, InnoVenture, IdleRPG and several others he can't currently recall...

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