1st5 - BigBlueHat plays the first five minutes

Consider it curious curation of an increasingly colossal collection.

My personal goal is to build a catalog of 5 minutes of gameplay videos of each of the games that cross my path. It can be slow going. Having an audience helps!

If you'd like to join in this crazy curation project, I'd love to know you're here watching. Future projects include filming console (even vintage Atari 2600!) games, tablet and phone games, and potentially even multi-player games.

Doing this together means the quality goes up, there will be more games played, I may even die less often when recording...who knows! The possibilities are endless. Your support makes all this possible.

Support the curation! PayPal.me and I'll purchase stuff from this Amazon Wishlist
which will increase the quality and production speed (read: more gameplay)!

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