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Do-it-yourself Downloads

Download dotProject 2.1.2

We do provide support for self-installed copies of dotProject. However, to make your work truely a dream, we can hook you up with one of our dotProject hosting packages and you can let us worry about the code and you can focus on your project.

dotProject Features

Lost your needle in the haystack? Search the entire dotProject database to find exactly what you need.

Manage more than just your clients. Record Venders, Government, and Internal departments as well.


Each contact can be associated with a Company and a Department. Keep them straight to avoid embarrassing support calls to the sales department.


Record up coming meetings and associate it with the appropriate project.

Private Entries
Need to keep some personal contacts and events nearby so you don't loose track of life while at work? Use Private Entries to keep it all together.

Find out exactly where you are for the day.

Relate each project to clients, project managers, and the appropriate employees.

Gantt Charts
Get a quick overview of the your projects schedule.


Create task lists and associate them with the appropriate employees. Create task dependencies. Allow employees to log their time and work directly through dotProject, and see the progress on a Gantt chart.

Using the dotProject Files module you can see and manage all uploaded files.

Forums can be associated with each project and can be used to track inter-departmental conversations.

Work in other languages besides English? Chinese, Spanish, or Slovenian better for you? Language packs are right for you.

Optional Features:

Managing problems is generally much harder than managing success. We try and help you alleviate the frustrations with our HelpDesk module.

Working with a really tricky project? Timelines keep changing? The ProjectDesigner module can help by allowing you to make multiple Project and Task related changes.


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