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Web Application Development, Maintenance, and Improvement

We build software for our customers with the same care for quality and attention to the future as we build our own. With the advent of nifty technologies like AJAX and the recent JavaScript renaissance, we're able to provide our clients with custom web-based software that feels more like interacting with a desktop application than the typical "click-and-wait" web applications of the not-so-distant past.

Currently our roster of technologies includes:

  • PHP - this is our current scripting language of choice, though we do know others.

  • MySQL - the database we use most often. PostgreSQL runs a very close second.

  • JavaScript - the lingua franca of the browser world. It's the 'J' in AJAX.

  • XML - we're mostly using this for messaging between the client and the server, but in the past we've built whole web sites with it.

  • AJAX - this is what makes modern web applications feel a little more like desktop apps.

In addition to those basics we use the following open source software in our work:

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Software Improvement

Need help improving an existing web application? Moving from PHP 4 to PHP 5? Decided to use Open Source technology instead of ASP or .Net (good choice, btw)? We can pick up in the middle of most projects and add a little extra to those dusty files of code. We're also quite handy with dotProject customizations.

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Check out our experience page to found out more about what we've done over the years.

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