BlueInk CMS Product Blog

BlueInk is constantly getting updates and improvements. Below is a list of what's happened most recently.


  • Added Bandwidth and Hard Drive usage statistics under the 'site info' link in the BlueInk bar
  • 22nd
  • Content item lists can now be viewed grouped by the page on which they are published
  • The default alphabetical listing now displays item in bold weight type if they are currently published on a page
  • 20th
  • Read More links can now be added to Blog posts by inserting a page break into the text item
  • 15th
  • When creating a new page, you can now choose to copy items from an existing page onto your new page
  • 6th
  • Added Date fields to custom built Forms
  • 3rd
  • Added the ability to create an e-mail response to custom built Form submissions
  • 2nd
  • Improved image caching to speed up galleries and general site loading
  • 1st
  • Designers can now use the media attribute on styles to create print-only stylesheets or target other CSS media types
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