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BlueInk is constantly getting updates and improvements. Below is a list of what's happened most recently.


  • Document links now include the original document's file name, so downloads are easier to find and make more sense
  • Fixed Event date saving problem when editing an Event
  • Added the ability to hide Event fields when displayed in a Calendar list
  • 28th
  • New User Account messages now include the site URL, so you know which of your several BlueInk sites the registration came from
  • 27th
  • User registration forms can now be built to use e-mail addresses en lieu of user names
  • Added Comment Box content type to be available later this year
  • Added Create Event form action for use to collect site user contributions via custom web site forms
  • 26th
  • Added Comment moderation option to Blogs and the upcoming Comment Box content type
  • Added finer grained location and organizer fields to the Event content type as well as a free form "hosted by" field
  • Location and organizer field groups now display as hCard elements embeded within the Event's vCalendar markup (good for SEO!)
  • 25th
  • BlueInk now records the Editor who creates or updates each content item
  • 21st
  • Fixed HTML special character output in navigation elements
  • 13th
  • Blog Posts can now be reordered manually (as before), by posted on date (descending or ascending), or by the content items created date (descendign or ascending)
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